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Hazardous materials and Chemical Storage Buildings

Sorting through the maze of regulatory requirements when it comes to handling and storing hazardous materials can be a daunting task for any business. In addition to federal Hazardous materials regulations, there are countless other local building, electrical, and fire codes controlling the structure of Hazmat storage buildings. Fortunately there are numerous resources which can help cut the red-tape, speed up the permit process, and simplify installation. Pre-engineered structures having the assurance of Factory Mutual Systems approval and state certification eliminate costly delays and meet virtually every safety, environmental, regulatory, and customer site requirement.

This website provides a resource of the leading suppliers for turnkey hazmat storage solutions, including prefabricated buildings and lockers, chemical and paint storage drum storage, pesticide and herbicide storage, and spill containment solutions. These solutions are based on in-depth knowledge of hazardous materials, non-hazardous chemicals, manufacturing processes, regulatory requirements, and environmental safety and health concerns. We can provide an affordable solution to expand your existing facility in the shortest amount of time.

Containing a chemical storage spill.

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